Thursday, 22 March 2012

Restock - 22-Mar-2012

In Stock Now

Acrylic Based Topcoat
Topcoat Gloss

Topcoat Semi-gloss

Topcoat Flat

Mr Metal Primer

Pro-Spray Mk-1 (Limited Stock)

Pro-Spray Mk-3 (Limited Stock)

Pro-Spray Mk-4 (Limited Stock)

Gundam Weathering Markers Set GMS-107

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Product Launch for 22-Mar-2012

Air shipment for the following products will be available on 22-Mar-2012.

MG Banshee
(Air shipment comes with 2 coupons to redeem for tickets to screening of Unicorn Gundam Episode 5)

HG Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet

Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Arrival and Restock Items - 16-Mar-2012

New Arrivals
1/48 Megasize Age-2 Normal

HG Delta Gundam

SD Gundam Age-1

Gunpla LED Unit Red

Restock Items
1/100 Akatsuki Gundam

MG 08th MS Team Ball

One Piece Thousand Sunny (New World)

RG Aile Strike

LBX Lucifer

LBX Odin

SD G Zero Deathscythe

SD G Zero Heavyarms

SD G Zero Sandrock

SD G Zero Shenlong

SD G Zero Epyon

SD G Zero Tallgeese

SD Strike Gundam Striker Weapon System

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Arrival - Hobby Japan Apr Issue + 1/144 Grand Slam

Grand Slam will be available at both HAG and HAW on Wed, 14-Mar-2012. Customers who pre-ordered can collect their magazine.

Walk-in $33, Pre-order $30 and Subscribers $28

In addition to the 1/144 Grand Slam, an assortment of hands is provided and most useful is the modified knee joints for 1/144 kit to improve articulation.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pre-order for Degenki Hobby Magazine Jul 2012 issue

The July issue of Degenki Hobby Magazine comes with FW Converge Banshee. Pre-order will close on 1-May-2012. You can pre-order this magazine from either Hobby Art Gallery or Hobby Art @ Work. Deposit of S$10 is required.

New Arrivals and Restocked items : 1-Mar-2012

New Arrivals
RG Skygrasper
Bandai Weapon System 002
MG Duel Assault shroud
MG Gundam Age-1 Normal

HG Seed Providence
HG Seed Justice
HG Seed Freedom
HG Seed La Gowe

HG Age Zeydra

Hobby Japan Magazine Mar-2012 issue
Degenki Hobby Magazine Mar-2012 issue

Restocked items
PG RX-78-2
MG Strike Freedom Fullburst
MG Strike Gundam + Cannon

HGUC Sazabi
HGUC Kampfer
HGUC Advanced Hazel
HGUC Hazel Custom

HG 00 Throne Drei
HG 00 GN-X
HG 00 Gundam [Q]ant

Bandai Action Base 1 Black
Bandai Action Base 1 Gray
Bandai Action Base 1 White
Bandai Action Base 1 Clear
Bandai Action Base 2 Black
Bandai Action Base 2 Gray

Gundam Weapons : 00 Gundam Vol 1 - 4
Gundam Weapons : Zeta Gundam Vol 1 - 3
Gundam Weapons : Unicorn Gundam Vol 1 & 2
Seed models Vol 1 - 4