Monday, 6 February 2012

MG Age-1 Normal Group Build

New shipment is in, participants can now purchase their model kit for the MG Gundam Age-1 Normal for the Group Build at HAW
Updated on : 29-Feb-2012
Participants will be able to start purchase their MG Gundam Age-1 Normal from 23-Feb-2012 only at Hobby Art @ Work. This is a air shipment consignment. so there are only 12 pieces available (availability is on a first come first serve basis). The rest of the participants will have to wait for the regular shipment.
Updated on : 15-Feb-2012
To clarify a few points about the Group Build. 
1.  If you are interested to joining the build, you can register only at Hobby Art @ Work, when you purchase you MG Gundam Age-1 Normal model kit. You do not need to pre-order or register by phone. As a gauge of the number of people joining the build, please click on event on facebook and join. 
2.  Submission date will be on 1-May-2012 at Hobby Art @ Work. If you do not complete your build by 1-May-2012, there will be no penalty.
3.  Only completed Build entries will be entitled for the discount coupon. Discount coupon can only be used once, but not limited to number of items. Coupons will be valid for 2 months only.
Any update on Group Build will be updated on this page.
Updated on : 13-Feb-2012
As a added incentive for MG Age-1 Normal Group Build, all participants can register and buy MG Age-1 Normal at 30% off SRP. Upon submission of entry, participants will also receive a discount coupon for their next purchase at Hobby Art Gallery or Hobby Art @ Work. The discount coupon entities participants to 10% on accessories and 10% off our retail price for Bandai Model kits. A prize will also be awarded to the best MG Age-1 Normal build submitted.

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