Thursday, 29 December 2011

Basic Gundam Modeling Course

The basic modeling course comprises of 6 lessons for a completion of a HG Gundam model kit (To be selected by you and the instructor). The lessons are booked by appointment, which allows you more flexibility in planning your schedules. Bookings are accepted by a first come first serve basis.

1. Proper cutting and sanding of your model kit.
2. Cementing of parts.
3. Removal of mold lines and seam lines.
4. Color separation (when necessary).
5. Priming and inspection of model kit.
6. Airbrushing and masking.
7. Panel lining and application of stickers/decals.
8. Application of top coat.

Course Fee : $250 (not inclusive of model kit, tools and accessories/paints)


  1. Erik,

    You are making me spend more money again!!!!!

    Sign me up please....sigh....

    Will pop over one of these few days to pay up.

    Cash again, I assume?


  2. Is there a email that I can send to, to check what kit its suitable for the course?