Thursday, 12 January 2012

Magazine Restock and New Arrivals - 12-Jan-2012

Available at both outlets
Nomoken's Handbook to 'Gunpla' modelling (Sold Out)
'I Love Gunpla' (Sold Out)

New shipment will be in 2 weeks later.

Available only at Hobby Art @ Work
New Arrivals
Gundam Weapons - Gundam Wing
Gundam Weapons - G Gundam
Gundam Weapons - Seed Destiny
Gundam Weapons - F91
Gundam Weapons - Char counter attack
Gundam Weapons - Stardust Memory
Gundam Weapons - Gundam 00 Vol 1
Gundam Weapons - Gundam 00 Vol 2
Gundam Weapons - Gundam 00 Vol 3

Old Hobby Japan and Degenki Magazines (1 for $6 or 2 for $10)


  1. hi... i orderedthe Nomoken's Handbook to 'Gunpla' modelling magazine. is it going to deliver to me soon? i bought it with a few decals. decals are here but the magazine still not yet

  2. By "old magazines" how OLD are they?

  3. @ Gundam Mechanics : The book has just been restocked, should be sent out these 2 days.

    @ Unknown : Really old Japanese copies of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby dating back a couple of years.